Book Review: Recipes From The Archives Of "A Texas Ranching Family" by John K. Finegan

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was sent a promotional copy of the book: Recipes from the Archives of (A Texas Ranching Family)

by John K. Finegan and really liked this treasury of family recipes.
This book is an accumulation of Fawcett Family recipes which have been used and passed from family member to family

member for now a century or more.

What I liked the most, was that it was simple. Down home cooking, no fancy ingrediants- food like your gramma and your
mother may have made.I'd love to see more of these type of cookbooks come available and get back to basics.
Gerry and I have alot of troubles with foods that we are eating nowadays and have intolerances to so much.With this collection of simple recipes, you know what your eating.
I highly recommend checking out this book.

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