Do Cameras on Tables Really Save Money At Weddings?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

One of the ways that is often touted as a great way to save money on wedding photography is using disposable cameras on the table. They even sell specialized wedding pattern disposable cameras for the event. Is this really a way to save money?

First, we have to consider the cost of the cameras. I managed to find them as low as $2.99 for a 27 exposure camera. Let’s guess that you buy 10 of these cameras for $29.99 and put them on 10 reception tables.

Now we have to consider the cost of developing. You can pre-pay developing with a mail order service (snapfish) for only $2.69 a roll when you purchase 10 rolls. That is only $26.90.

Now for the analysis, 10 rolls of film at a pre-tax rate of $56.89 comes out to $0.21 a print. This probably will not be worth it and here is why:

People are used to using digital cameras now. They point, click, and take the picture. The quality of pictures you will get back on the “table cameras” will generally be low. If you have kids coming to your wedding then they tend to be the photographers. If you have drinking buddies then you will get some great pictures of the after party (or maybe not so great). Seldom do you get people putting tons of thought into taking photographs with these cheap point and shoot cameras.

The film in the cameras is usually inferior. If you use a film camera to take your wedding photographs than splurge on some professional grade film. It is more expensive, but you will get some great pictures.

You can pick up digital prints as low as $0.15 each, sometimes lower. You are better off circulating a few digital cameras and then picking out the prints that you want later.

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