Review-Supreme Protein

Monday, May 17, 2010

Exciting flavours and real protein power.
Although I cannot eat these bars due to food allergies,Gerry has given his opinion of the bars.The bars were tasty, and great knowing that they provide alot of great health benefits.

Supreme Protein® literally stands alone as the world’s only true gourmet protein bar composed of the highest quality protein blend (30 grams, including premium whey isolate). The protein blend in Supreme Protein® is so anabolically active that it is the first bar of its kind that we know of that can be eaten immediately post-workout to trigger anabolism and support muscle repair and growth, while helping athletes stay lean.

You can shop online for more of their great products, or search for a location near you.


  1. I carry healthy bars in my bag all the time. I eat for breakfast on busy days; or for a snack to hold me over until I'm back home from work assignments.

    I save $$$ that way too and avoid junk food (fast food) when I'm out and about working .. all over different areas by trains; buses in nyc.

    I lucked out recently with about 15-20 boxes (6 bars each) of organic bars for only $1.00 a box in a Dollar Plus Store.

    I gave some away to adult children; and homeless people at times too; even a bus driver a bar who was having a rough day..

    I have one bar left.. lol.

    I won't luck out like that again... but I'll look for sale items.

    Glad you husband enjoy the bars... :)

  2. Nice to hear you are sharing your good fortune as well.
    What type of work do you do?
    My youngest daughter was in New York last year for school trip- Manhatten. She loved it.


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