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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm not a coffee drinker myself- never aquired a taste for it but Gerry loves it- and can't be without a cup.

He was quite happy to recieve Kicking Horse's coffee beans to try. Of course we always buy the ground so we did have to get ourselves a coffee grinder but that only set us back $10. At first he made the coffee too weak and it looked like tea, but know he has more of a sense how to grind and measure for what strength he needs. He loves the coffee. He says it is so much more fresher than the pre-ground.

They are  the largest Fair Trade roaster in Canada. All their coffee is 100% Certified Fair Trade and 100% Certified Organic.
All Kicking Horse Coffee comes from Arabica beans that are shade grown in bird-friendly environments. Growing coffee in the shade means growing coffee under a light canopy of varied vegetation at high altitudes. This creates a superior coffee cherry (bean) and a more resilient ecosystem.

A healthy ecosystem attracts birds, who assist in the cross-pollination of cherries and the distribution of beans and seeds, enhancing plant distribution and diversity. Organic growing creates a situation that’s win-win-win-win-win... for farmers, for communities, for wildlife, for consumers and for the planet.

Kicking Horse has an online store where you can order their coffee and other line of products they carry-such as tea, chocolate, gift sets and more. As well, you can find them in lots of places across Canada & USA — grocery stores and  caf├ęs .

As well, check out fundraising: for Canadian schools and non-profits only, available from Jan - Nov.

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