Work at Home Typing Jobs Are a Reality with Online Transcription

Monday, May 3, 2010

If you've been looking into working at home you've probably seen plenty of ads that claim you'll make hundreds of dollars per week typing from home. Unfortunately, many of these ads turn out to be ad typing scams that ask you to spam places like Craigslist and other free databases online.

The reality is that you can make money working from home with a typing job, by offering transcription services. This doesn't require experience or a lot of funding. In fact, you can get started with little or no start up costs at all.

You might be wondering who exactly is going to pay you to type these documents from your home computer. Here's a shortlist of a few people and places that need transcription services regularly.

Internet Marketers have information products and interviews transcribed.

Podcasters have their shows transcribed to distribute in text format on their blogs.

Legal offices have client interviews transcribed for their records.

Insurance companies have client phone call recordings transcribed for easy referencing.

Busy bloggers and site owners have voice notes transcribed to turn into articles.

Those are just a few to give you an idea of the demand for transcription services online today. There are plenty of other opportunities out there to offer your services and make a decent living as a transcriptionist.

So, what's the pay like? I'm sure you're wondering. In today's economy everyone wants to make a dollar. Transcriptionist rates vary with experience, type of files handled, and turn around time, but a general or legal transcriptionist can make anywhere from 30 dollars per audio hour to 160 dollars per audio easily.

Why is the rate per audio hour? Rates are a little different in the transcription world, instead of charging per hour that you've worked you charge by the length of the audio or video you are transcribing. Don't worry though, this usually works out quite well and your hourly rate is quite decent in comparison. Of course, with more practice you become more efficient and it's like giving yourself a raise without changing your rates.

Transcription Crash Course is an easy to follow guide to help you start your transcription business today. What are you waiting for? Make your work at home dream a reality today.

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