Happy 18th Birthday- Erika!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My youngest daughter, Erika is 18 today.
She was born this day 18 years ago, as a premature baby that was due July 22.
We got one of those photo cakes- pictured on the cake is her when she was one and another picture of her all grown up and working at the convenience store she holds a part time job at.
Happy Birthday Erika!


  1. Thanks for the wishes and yes, those photo cakes are cute- this one was $21 so we kept it small.

  2. You last one an Adult.. (hugs).. Congratulations to you too for being a mom ... (the hardest but the best job).. (hugs)

    Betty Ann

  3. Thanks Betty Ann.. the oldest will be 25 this year. How old are your kids?

  4. Where have the years gone to, Erika? Having babysat you when you were little I remember so many things about you.....all good things! These are the best years of your life, enjoy them!


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