Feature: Giving to Charity-The Smile Train

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes one keeps seeing the same thing over and over, and has to wonder if it's a sign of some sort. Everytime I have been opening magazines lately, I come across the ads for the charity :The Smile Train.
 I give regular to charities- I do it because I get a good sense of doing good, and I also feel, that if you help others, in turn goodness will be returned to you.

We recieved a $600 credit on our year end propane bill today. The money came in handy as we were waiting for 4 more days till payday and not enough money to cover all the bills and we needed some groceries. I believe the money came to us in our time of need as the money we give for others in their time of need.

I would regularily like to feature a charity we will be making a donation to- and hoping others will find it in their hearts to donate to our feature charity as well.

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