Your One Income Story by Sarah of Chicago

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I had a rough first trimester of my pregnancy and it affected

my performance at work. When I was fired for it, my boss was

unsympathetic to my reason. What an unhappy way to begin such an

exciting journey! It is very hard for a noticeably pregnant woman to

get a job. My immediate concern became how we would live off one

income for so long.

I immediately went through our list of monthly expenses to see what

could be cut. We dropped our gym memberships where we went swimming

and decided to use the free parkhouse pool instead this summer and do

the remainder of our exercise outside. I was able to defer my student

loans. We created a recording studio space in our pantry to save

money on the rehearsal space we had been using for music projects.

Every Monday, we create a meal plan for the week and stick to

our budget when we grocery shop. I also created an allowance for my

husband and I called “fun money.” We plan it out each week. Will we

use it to go to coffee shops, a movie or perhaps brunch out on the

weekend? When friends invite us for social activities, we mark it

down to make sure we save enough money for the outing that week.

I am proud and delighted to say that my efforts paid off. This has

ended up being a very wonderful and unexpectedly stress-free time in

my life as we await the impending arrival of our daughter.


Chicago, IL

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