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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Professional dog groomers are trained in schools or are apprentices with a professional groomer. They are skilled at using dog grooming tools to create cuts that are breed specific like cocker spaniels or poodles. They are a dog owner's best friend since they have experience knowing what is normal and what isn't. They may notice that your dog needs to see the veterinarian for his ears if they are infected. Dogs don't always let us know when they are suffering. However, there is no reason why you can not learn to groom your dog yourself and save the money that visiting the groomer on a regular basis would cost. If you severely mess up, you can always visit the groomer to help. With time I have confidence that you will succeed and be able to cut down the number of trips to the groomer and hence SAVE $ for other things like maybe that needed vaccination that you MUST do.

Some dog owners prefer to save money by grooming their dogs at home. Others prefer to groom at home because it is a stressful experience to go to the groomer. The trip in the car and the unfamiliar setting can be stressful. It is perfectly fine to groom your own dog and you can begin to do so. I recommend learning a little bit about the tools that groomers use such as dog clippers and also about shampoos. Veterinarians and pet stores often sell dog shampoos, but if you can't find one their are some shampoos advertised on the site, just look on the sidebar. Straightforward all-over hair trimming with the dog hair clippers you can do, but what about the difficult parts like paws, tail, ears, and muzzle? It might just take some time to get better at grooming these parts. A special pair of scissors would be great to have as well.

For your dogs paws, it is best to use scissors, the muzzle, and tail should also be done with scissors. A good pair of scissors is essential. Having someone to help you hold your dog during the scissor cutting would be best if you are new to grooming. As you get more experienced your dog will pick up on your confidence and he will also be more co-operative for you.

Use caution when trimming around the ears and face of your dog. Imagine how you would react to someone coming next to your face with scissors or dog grooming clippers. Depending on the breed and temperament of your dog, you may be able to use the dog hair clippers on his neck behind the ears and perhaps the underside of his neck. To trim around the ears, however, use your scissors. Simply lift and hold your dog's ears up and out of the path of your scissors as you trim around them. When it comes to your dog's muzzle, keep clipping to a minimum. Trim any hair hanging from his muzzle with scissors, using extra care.

Possibly the most important steps in the grooming process comes when you've put away the dog grooming clippers, shears, and scissors, and that is praising and rewarding your dog for allowing you to groom him. This is the perfect opportunity for a hug (after all, he's spick and span!) and maybe a treat or dog biscuit. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. But remember, I do recommend that you spend some time in educating yourself on how to groom your dog, dog clippers, scissors and shampoos. Visit for more information to help you succeed.

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