October 2,2010- Saturday

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Well, just off to bed soon...
Thought I would update on a few things:

-Older daughter,Ria, left for Calgary last weekend, to visit with friends and pick up the younger one, who lives there. They will both be driving back here for Canadian Thanksgiving, this weekend.Then Erika, will make the drive back by herself.It will be nice to have her home again- as she's been gone since the end of June.

-We've been pet sitting Ria's pets- 2 guinea pigs and 3 ferrets.We go once in the day to feed them and her uncle takes the afternoon shift.I'm on cleaning duty every few days as well.She lives about a 5 minute drive from here, so we go there, check on the apartment and the pets.My sister will be looking after our guinea pigs while we are away at the end of the month.

-Gerry has been continuing work on the living room, mudding and sanding, so may start the painting tommorow I believe. We have gone with a light brown shade for the 3 walls. Still waiting on the wallpaper to finish off the one feature wall.Had to spend a bit of money today for the one can of paint,( hoping that will be enough), and  got a garden nozzle on sale for $2! More money went for shop vac bags too- which is needed when you have to mud and sand.

- Love those end of summer sales. I got a new summer top at Walmart today as well for only $1. Looked for $1 clothes for Gerry, but he's an XL and that size is rarely found.. more of the smalls and mediums.
Supper: Subway- 3 free cookies coupon with a footlong purchase and .50 off 6" with another coupon.

-Gerry spent some time outdoors today too with putting all the yard ornaments away, patio furniture and just cleaning up the yard. No sense to leave it too late. Told him he'll need to put Christmas light hooks up next weekend or the weekend after. You certainly don't want to be doing that out there in the cold.

Till next time....


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