7 Ways You Should Spend Your Money

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saving your money is a great idea. But ultimately, you should save so you can spend money later on those things important to you. You can outsource extremely complex tasks, such as electrical work you aren't comfortable doing. Hire people for jobs you are physically incapable of performing, such as surgery on yourself. Here are a few other times when you should spend your money, wisely of course.

7. Add value to your house and car.
While your home and car insurance premiums likely won't lower much from doing improvements, the likelihood is that keeping what you own well maintained will result in filing less frequent claims. This will lower your rates. It also means you'll have to pay less out-of-pocket costs for deferred maintenance.

6. Travel to see the people who matter.
They may not be blood relations, but there are some people who you should visit. These are the people who stick by you. Never forsake them. Make sure you take the time to visit while you can because you never know how long a person will live.

5. Get personal training.
A knowledgeable personal trainer will help you with the most important thing in your life: your life itself! Nothing is more important than great health. Health being a key word, focus on becoming healthy not a European runway model (many of whom are not at their healthy weight). There is a lot you can learn in one or two months time that will help you succeed. Then, you can drop the trainer bill and carry on by yourself.

4. Fix problems.
Is your computer, furnace, air conditioner, car, or any other thing in your life making a sound it has never made before? Are you just going to ignore it? Ignore things that look, sound, or even feel like problems at your own peril. They most likely won't fix themselves.

3. Become more educated.
Education is the seed of freedom. People who learn more grow more, and people who don't tend to atrophy. Spending money on personal development will keep you on the former path. So long as you actually use the knowledge you gain, you will find that your life gets better in a lot of different ways.

2. Take a nice vacation.
If your vacation is healthy and relaxing, it's all right to splurge a bit. It's not a great idea to clean out your retirement account or go into debt for a vacation, as that may end up creating more stress than it removes. But within reason, a vacation will most likely do you a lot of good.

1. Buy healthier food.
No one is saying that you have to go vegan. However, you can focus on the basics, eating more eggs and less cereal, eating leaner cuts of meat, more complex carbohydrates, 100% whole wheat bread and pasta, and gradually reduce the amount of fat in your milk (whole, 2%, 1%, skim).

Some times in life, you have to be a penny pincher. At other times, you've just got to shell out for the things that really matter. While this list is a solid group of good suggestions, the power to choose what is most important ultimately rests with you. Some people call this conscious spending, but other people just call it pretty obvious.

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