Urban Gardening in New York City

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If someone were to ask you what aeroponics was, would you know?

An aeroponic garden consist of a frame, allowing leaves or canopy to grow upward and roots to expand downward, and a system for delivering nutrient-rich water vapor to the roots. It's a great way to grow plants in places such as New York City for example where New York City hydroponics exists.It's the way for urban dwellers to grow what they can't normally grow when living in a city.

So perhaps if you do live in New York, you can grow your own fresh fruit , veggies and herbs.And for every space, every budget, and every need, there is a hydroponic gardening system. Plus they hold classes on learning about this way of urban gardening.

This type of gardening is becoming more and more important as our world becomes more urbanized and developers transform fertile lands and open spaces into sprawling suburbs.

The difference between the two is this:

•Very little or no soil is needed for plant growth in the hydroponic method; meaning food can be grown in regions with poor soil or little rainfall.

•The aeroponic method eliminates the need for soil and nearly does away with having to use water. Aeroponic plants are suspended in the air, getting frequent blasts of liquid nutrients' mist shot at their roots to keep them moist and enable the plant to grow.

It's a pretty neat way to grow in areas where you wouldn't think anything could grow.

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