Tuesday-January 11

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let me tell you, when you get out of your regular exercise routine after 3 weeks, it sure isn't easy getting back into it again.
While Erika was here on her Christmas break from college, I rode the exericise bike a bit but didn't do my usual kettle bell exercises. I'm starting back into the swing today, and feeling it, and it's not fun.

We were away for Saturday and Sunday. Took a 6 hour drive to Saskatoon, Sk., where she caught her plane to Calgary. We try to save where we can. Gas is usually $150 return for this trip. I had some gas already in the car from some secret shops I did , and another $10 from Esso on a reward card.

Hotel rates have gone up in price as well this year.We will sometimes get a free stay from a reward card, but didn't have one this time. Did save some by getting a corporate rate. We stayed one night and the total was $130, but we did have continental breakfast, and the points are used on my reward card.

I had a $50 Red Lobster gift card from some reward points I turned in and another $4 savings from a newspaper coupon.Lunch on the way home wasn't too bad either as we shared a drink,( we always do as I find I don't drink much anyhow with my meal), and had a burger special at A&W.

We did a bit of looking around, but weren't there long.I bought a book for the trip home and we stopped at Dollarama as well.I picked up some fridge pads and my sister a few things for looking after my guinea pigs back home.Gerry admired some leather journals at one store and later online found some nicer ones from Rustico Leather.

Erika had wanted to come back in February for one week off she gets, but although we can make a one way trip to pick her up or return her, we can't afford both. Her dad said he can't afford it, so not sure that she will be coming home now. She originally went to Calgary with her boyfriend to follow him and his dreams, taking up her schooling there, but he ended up moving away on her.They've since broken up to say the least of that story.


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