What is Personal Finance?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Alot of what we write about on our site is personal finance.

So what is personal finance? Personal finance looks at how your money and future is managed. Often individuals will seek advice from financial planners, and the using of software is also an option. Personal finance can include monitoring your spending, budgeting for an emergency fund, and paying down debt.

It helps to track your expenses, set home budget goals, and to help you better to cut costs and see where your money is going.
I love exploring the personal finance section of any book store when I go. Usually when in the city I will pick up a book to read for the trip home.( As we live 4-6 hours from the nearest city,it's nice to have reading material if one isn't driving.) Yes, I will admit I will occassionally pick up a new book. I have read so many personal finance books that I can no longer find one I've read before, in the used book stores,but will usually resell on Amazon once I'm finished with them.

Good money management is important in our home as by being careful in all areas,it allows us to have some freed up money to save towards such things as our trip fund,our emergency or home renovation fund or even savings for next Christmas.
With good money management skills, you can create a plan to reduce your debt.You can see where you have areas where you can save, and be more aware of where money may be slipping through the cracks.

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  1. This a great post – thanks for publishing it. On a side note does anyone know about the bankers life and casualty . I heard they have good products for life insurance & annuities and they have local agents who help in retirement planning. Any feedback about them is greatly appreciated.


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