Taking the Pressure Off Valentine Day Gift Shopping

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift takes more than looking for the item that catches your eye. If you want the "Shut-up!" reaction - that's the good one, not the bad one - you need to have an understanding of your partner's personality and budget.
Psychology plays a major role in determining how a person will react to a gift. It elevates a present from just an item you buy to a complex symbol of your relationship and love. No pressure, right? Once you choose a gift begin a budget plan now to avoid any mishaps later. Know the amount you are going to spend and set it aside, you can do this all at once, or make smaller contributions between now and the 14th.

The Perfect Gift for a New Relationship

If your relationship is fairly new, Valentine's Day can be a tricky. Be careful about the message you want to send. For appropriate gifts, consider the following options:

•Luxury chocolate. This non-committal gift indicates your interest but doesn't put any pressure on either person to move the relationship to the next level.

• Flowers. The type of flowers you purchase can indicate your level of interest (or disinterest), so make sure you work with a florist to find the right option.

• A heart-shaped pendant. Touted as the perfect gift for a new girlfriend, you can find these in several metal choices and sizes.

• M&Ms with NFL Team Logos. The ultimate non-committal gift for a guy or girl who loves sports and chocolate, specialized M&Ms elevate your gift one notch above a variety pack of chocolates.

• Chocolate-dipped strawberries. As a hand-dipped aphrodisiac, this gift can indicate your desire to have some physical fun. You can also pair this gift with a nice wine.

Surprise Your Long-Term Love

In this situation, not only can you spend more money, but you should also have a better understanding of what your partner likes and dislikes. The message is simple: one of everlasting love. Consider one of the following top gifts to surprise your loved one:

• An espresso maker. This is perfect for either a guy or a girl who can't start the day without a kick of caffeine.

• High-end lingerie. Introducing playful attire can add a spark to your intimacy. It can also show you aren't bored with your partner or your sex life.

• Gemstone earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or luxury watches. Jewelry can be the perfect expression of committed love. Just make sure you don't buy a ring of any type unless you plan to propose. (And you know those "special" items some jewelry stores tout on the radio and TV over and over and over? Stay away from them unless you want your love to run into hundreds of others wearing the same thing!)

• A spa getaway or a ride along in a stock car. Plan an activity or a weekend trip doing something your loved one will enjoy. The memories of the experience will last longer than any other gift.

In order to give the perfect Valentine's Day gift, psychology is important. Make sure you know what your gift will say to your loved one in advance so that you send the message - and the gift - that's appropriate for your relationship. Don’t mess up ;)

Written by: Guest writer-Janice Hill

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