Review : Thymes

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I recieved some very nice "pampering products" today in the mail from Thymes.
I just love lotions, body wash, hand creams and all those type of products that women love.
The collection I chose to review was Eucalyptus because I love the smell of this stuff and what it does. I find it's so invigorating when you use it.
Thymes Eucalyptus is positive and alive. A scent that not only wakes you up, but leaves you centered, open and ready to take on the day with warmth and vitality.

In 1982, the Thymes bravely began as a small, home-based business offering a collection of soaps and bath salts inspired by their love for art, nature and a desire to elevate everyday moments into restorative rituals. By using their products, they wanted women to be inspired, and find a renewed sense of balance.

Their products are made with essential oils and natural ingredients, and artistically designed and packaged with hand-touched details.

I tried their hand cream, which is very thick, and yet not greasy.It really works nice into your hands.The smell of their body wash wakes you up and the body lotion adds to the experience once you get out of the shower.

You'll love what they can offer.

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