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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm quite lucky that Gerry does alot/most of the work we need done, around the house.Sometimes however, you may need to hire a contractor though. But who can you trust to do a good job for you and treat you fairly?Wouldn't it be nice to search online for a service you need, in your area, with testimonials from others who have had service done from local contractors? I think so.

Perhaps you search for Dallas plumbing on the site. What you'll find is reviews, ratings plus tips on saving you money.There's articles, tips, advise and so much more.It's a treasure chest of information with over 500 catagories to search from and a members list of over 1 million!

If you want to know about reputable contractors, isn't it good to read the reviews of others who have used a service,rather than just an ad from a business saying how good they are?

I love reading reviews, and always search online for a review before I sign up for anything. Also, on this site, all reviews are certified so that businesses aren't praising themselves.

All in all it appears to be a great place to get information when your looking on hiring a reputable contractor in your area.

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