Online Bill Paying

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eliminating excess paper and paying bills online has become the new wave of the future.
Online bill pay can make life easier in many ways. With a service like Pay Trust, all your bills can easily be kept in one place online , and you can eliminate the paper mess too.
If you travel alot or perhaps a "snow bird", this way of paying bills will be great so that everyone is taken care of while you are away and you have peace of mind of one less thing to worry about.
And as long as you have a lap top, mobile device, or access to a computer, you can manage your bills from anywhere.You can even pay bills for multiple people, if perhaps you were also looking after a family member's affairs as well.

Pay Trust benefits include many great features I was reading about including:

-being safe and secure
-one site and one user name and password
-alerts on when bills are due and when they need to be paid, eliminating late fees
-no filing paid bills or shredding old bills- everything is online and no paper anything!
-you can pay anyone electronically
-everything is in one place

It's easy to use and it saves time.

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