Sunday- January 23

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundays are usually quiet around our place. I usually do all the housework on Saturday, and emails are pretty slow all weekend.
It did warm up a bit today- but still -18 I believe.
I decided to go out for a skidoo ride this afternoon.
I don't go out for long though as the outfit I have isn't very warm.The skidoo pants are his hand me down ones I believe and pretty worn out in the legs. Very thin already. The jacket I got looks puffy but it's only a regular winter coat that I bought bigger, at a thrift store- I think for $5 a few years back, so I always wear a sweater underneath. Perhaps one day I will get the opportunity to review a new suit. For now, this will do me fine. I usually don't go out when it's too cold though. Was looking around on the lakes today to see if we could spot any wildlife.There had been talk and video online, of wolves in the area.
We own a 2 up seat so I ride on the back, and Gerry drives. He likes to "play" in the deeper snow so usually goes back out again once we get home.I like us sticking to the trails and playing it safe.
After his older skidoo broke down last year and he had to walk home some 9 miles, he always takes the cell phone with him when he goes out. It's "house rule".
On another note, Gerry spent some of the weekend putting coats of spray paint on the other coffee tables that needed painting, and painting one of our little tables that holds photos.
(Will have more photos to show in the next day or two on that.)
He brought in some drywall to fix one of our last remaining kitchen walls that is outdated, but after all the fresh air he got from snowmobiling and snow shovelling and blowing, I'm not sure he will feel like doing it today.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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