Are You Lost Without a Clock?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How many of us could go the day without looking at a wall clock? I know I can't.
I always have to know what time it is, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I find the day is gone before I know it. I'm not sure why time drags by when one works outside the home though. I've had jobs outside the home and a person is always looking to see what time it is.

We had a few large wall clocks I remember, in school. Time always dragged in school, but it was nice to see what time it was on them though.You were always anxious for lunchtime, as your tummy would always start growling in school before noon, and recess and home times were important to know too.

Do you have clocks in every room? I do. I find myself mostly relying on my kitchen clock, which is to the left of me from the computer in the living room, and my new living room clock that my sister bought for me this Christmas. I use those two the most.Time is important though,even when your on holidays and have schedules planned.I think we'd be lost without clocks, don't you?


  1. We only have one clock in our house, besides my husbands alarm clock, and neither of us own watches. I do need to look at the clock during the day because I drive my kids back and forth to their schools, but besides that, I don't really look at it :)

  2. I can't imagine getting along without a watch but so many people do these days. I don't want to have to look at my phone to know what time it is. Oh, and yes we do have clocks in virtually every room of the house.


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