Do You Have a Teen Driving Soon?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Safe teen driving and the drivers safety go hand in hand when you have a teen just learning to drive and taking that car/truck out every day. It's important to lay some ground rules down, and at the same time stressing that you care about their safety.

Safe teen driving is important because teens are inexperienced drivers. We all know as parents who have their teens already driving, that they know it all, and we worry every time they go out that door, and jump in that car. We know they just haven't been driving long enough to learn to be cautious.I always told my daughter that driving, even for me now, is like playing a video game.You always have to be watching and looking at everything, as you never know when something or someone, is just going to jump out at you.

My girls aren't new drivers, but I still worry about them when their behind the wheel of their cars and out on the road.

Drivers safety for your teen is important as we teach them the importance of such things as always wearing your seat belt and making sure their passenger is also wearing theirs before they drive away. Young drivers should be mentored to reduce their driving speed and any aggressive driving.As well, cell phone use while driving should also be mentioned to them that it is dangerous to them and dangerous to innocent people they are sharing the road with.

Remember your teen isn't necessarily a bad driver but one that needs to gain driving experience and be taught safety for the road.

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