Wednesday- January 5

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time for another family update....

-granny just got out of the hospital today, and went back home but apprehensive about that
-still no date set for the wedding, but Gerry told me the other day they have a vacation freeze from January-April so those months are out. Still looking at rings as well.
-Erika will be going back to college this weekend, after being here for 3 weeks.There will be no posts from me on Saturday or Sunday of this week as we will be driving to the city to take her to the airport,( which for us is a 6 hour drive).She will then fly out from there and head back to Calgary, till April. Ria,( my other daughter), is visiting her boyfriend in the city right now, so we will be picking her up on the trip back home.
-Gerry hasn't been working much for overtime, so the cheques are back to being smaller again.
Budgeting didn't go too good these past 2 weeks.Friday is payday but we will owe $90 of that for money we were short this week.I'll blame it on the holidays.
-Gerry is starting a diet in the next few days- part of some New Year's Weight Loss Challenge at work. He had his body mass done and he said the nurse told him he was 22lbs overweight, so he's going to try to lose it: eat smaller portions he said, ride the exercise bike and drink more water.He has a desk job and not too active over the cold months, so it's easy to gain the weight.I believe the challenge lasts till April.

You all have a good rest of your week!


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