Emergency Food Storage and Preparation

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do you plan for emergencies by having a food storage system in place? If in higher risk areas which have been known to have been hit with earthquakes, floods, tornados and hurricanes, are you prepared ? You don't want to be stuck for days with no food or clean water. An emergency can happen anytime.

Food storage is a process that may take time to build for some, but can be done with some preparation.

Along with emergency food and water storage,you should also have an emergency kit.
We have one but have it stored in the trunk of my car for any emergency we may have if on the road.It has absolutely everything in it.With your emergency kit, some things it should contain is items for first aid,food, water tablets,items for making a shelter, and other valuable tools, such as lights, hand tools,etc..There's a piece of mind that comes with owing one of these kits.

No one wants to think something bad can happen, but isn't it good to be prepared?

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