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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's mail brought a cheque for over $145, which was for 2 secret shops- one that was out of town and I was paid extra for along with the mileage.Woo Hoo..
I have a secret shop for tommorow- get myself an oil change plus get paid $17.50, as well as a food change that I get a free meal and get paid $10.
I made 3 more calls today for comments on the products pictured. Only the Hunts puddings are sending me a free product coupon for my comments.
I tried using my $25 Mastercard gift card again today at another store, and went through the same ordeal I went through yesterday..not being accepted and declined.So, after getting home, I gave the gift card company a call and learnt that since I was trying to use over the amount of the card value, ( which maybe was $2-$3 over), it declined it. Although they did tell me that cashiers at these stores should have debited me for the amount over, and then swiped my card for the remaining $25..grrrr. Oh well, I know now.wish the cashiers would have known.
Our  detour was lifted in town too- so saving some time again and gas, by taking the shorter way to where I need to go.

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