Weather or Not

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold ...we've turned the furnace on as well already.. it's been cool.At 10am and present, it's only 4 degrees, drizzly and no sun. I've cut out the walk for a few days already.Afternoons are a bit nicer but I find it harder to get motivated in the afternoon.
We have an arena that one can walk at when the temperatures dip, but I prefer my outdoors.This morning however, I jumped on my exercise bike for a bit...
(I've also managed to pick up a bit of a sore throat that I'm trying to fight.)
Gerry was out last night starting with yard preps: covering the air conditioners with wooden boxes and sealing doors with filler.
Now with the cooler weather upon us, it will mean the bills may rise- although we do have our new high efficiency furnace which should give us a break.
To save money on your electric bills, be sure to use the following tips:
-seal drafty doors and windows and inspect any weather stripping
-layer clothing, and put another blanket on the bed as well as a smaller one on the couch for cover ups while watching tv
-make sure your cupboard is stocked with coffees, teas, and hot chocolate for warming up your insides when you may feel chilled, and soups, and stews for warm meals
-in the bedroom, snuggle with your mate, use a hot water bottle or heat pad/electric blanket to keep warm.Flannel sheets on the bed are also nice.I know for myself I can't sleep if I'm shivering and trying to get warm .
-don't go barefoot on cold floors either, wear socks or slippers.


  1. Love your site! Stumbled upon in earlier this week, and its great!


  2. Thank you Katy- it's nice to hear positive comments like that- and thank you for adding me to your blog- I will in turn do the same for you.

  3. brrrr.....4 degrees? I shiver when it's 60, but then again, we recently went through 5 days at over 100-degrees each day. So, I'm actually looking forward to our cool 60-degree weather that's coming soon!

    Keep warm-
    Little House

  4. 39.2° Fahrenheit as the conversion


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