The "Ouch" Cost of Insurance

Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, we got a bill in today- and most of the times when the bills come in they are under $150. Today's was an "ouch" factor. Partial payment was due for the insurance on the trailer-an installment notice. $335. The total on the insurance is actually over $1,100.We have been making payments as it is easier for us.We are dinged an extra $10 service charge fo each time this is done, but it easier with the payments like this for us.The next installment comes due mid December- always before Christmas.
I have shopped around for insurance rates too.We have had a few quotes done- they are usually more or a bit less, and not enough of a difference to make the switch.We live in a mobile home though with an addition, so mobile home insurance rates are always higher.
I'm usually quick to send a cheque off when a bill does come in- just to get rid of it- but this one will have to sit a few days on my table- I'm just not ready for it yet.
Of course vehicle insurance is just as bad.I have thought of raising the deductible but always have in the back of my mind- that this would be the time an accident would happen and I would have to pay the higher deductible.I have always kept the insurance rate higher with the lower deductible.Do you pay the lower or the higher deductible?


  1. Ah! Insurance. We hate paying it, but we gotta have it. I'm there.

  2. Before you decide on raising your insurance deductible, run the numbers first and check whether it can potentially save you a good deal of money. Otherwise, it's not worth the risk.


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