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Thursday, September 3, 2009

As I was out on my morning walk today, I thought about what I would like to write about today.The day started out cooler but this afternoon has quickly turned into one of the few nice ones we had over the past few months. I like getting out to walk, as I now do more blogging and writing, I am on the computer a fair amount, sitting.Although it is a nice day, the leaves are already starting to change colors here and fall on my walking path.Last night it was nice out so I took the car to the backyard and gave it a cleaning with Gerry's help.Although the car wash is quicker, I get the satisfaction out of taking the time to save a few $$.
I wanted to write about clutter today.Some of us have more than others. I can proudly say I don't have alot. I am constantly downsizing and getting rid of something- whether to give to another family member,donate to worthy causes ,save for next year's garage sale, sell online,etc.. Digital cameras are so nice too- gone are the days of having to buy film.I think I drive Erika and Gerry nuts sometimes with all my de-cluttering. I do alot of sorting on my own but if it's things belonging to them- example: clothing or shoes I haven't seen them wear in a while, we have to set a "sorting day". Typically how it works around here is: we see who wants what we don't want in the family, then if no takers, it goes into boxes for next year's garage sale.Sometimes we will list things from those boxes online before next years sale , sell on the radio or list on a bulletin board at the bank. What doesn't sell then is donated locally to a thrift shop that also in turns returns some of it's profits back into the community.
Ria is also a big sorter- she has an apartment so has little room for clutter as well, and has adopted some of her mom's clutter free you have a problem with clutter and getting rid of things?

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  1. I actually have a blast de-cluttering. I even try to keep my kids' creations in check - I will save the most precious, but the others I take a picture of it with my digital camera. This way I can save them for screen saver or to print at a later time, without the mess of keeping them.
    I can't take credit for this idea, I read it somewhere! :)


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