Saving Yourself Money at Restaurants

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just because you watch your dollars, doesn't mean you can't eat out every now and again. We eat out I'd say about 1-2 times bi-weekly.It's not a regular thing, but a nice treat from my cooking every now and again.
-Check out your favourite restaurants or food joints online- see if they have any specials, coupons you can print out, mailing lists you can get on and  birthday clubs you can join.
-Become a mystery shopper- a great way to earn a free meal.
-Check with restaurants for frequent diner cards.
-Look for  restaurants that  may be offering as a way to save money, kids eat free promotions, senior discounts, early bird deals,etc..
-You credit card may have some special offerings or if you belong to AAA, there may be offers there as well for cheaper meals.
- Use those coupons you get in the mail- and watch for meal deals in your local paper.
-If your a smaller eater like I, ask if you can order something off the kids menu- I have done this a few times. I find some restaurant portions are just too much for me.It doesn't hurt to ask and saves a bit.Sometimes the kids meal you chose may come with a bonus drink or dessert as well.
-Don't order desserts or split one with your partner.
-Drink water with your meal- most drinks are overpriced at restaurants.


  1. I would like to know what mystery shop companies offer restaurant shops - I am usually only able to do a grocery store shop, and while it's nice to get a few items free, it's not a large compensation.

    When I go to a restaurant & have a meal that's too big, more often than not, it will be eaten as a lunch or dinner in the next day or two, which can be a bit of a bonus.

  2. Not sure where you live, but here in Canada I am currently doing shops for pizza and chicken places.


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