Your Opinion Counts- It May Earn you a Freebie

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I try to make it a point to call to comment either good or bad, on products that we regularly use or products we have just tried..mostly grocery type items, but you can apply this to almost any product that you might buy. Some companies are better than others of course.

Today's' calls were for the canned dog food, the mini spray and the dishwasher tabs..all great products. I made small comments on all the products and will be receiving by mail, cents off and free product coupons. Last week I had called to comment on frozen pizza and feminine products- once again, free product coupons are in the mail.

We don't always get results that we would like though. My daughter had an expensive pair of jeans that she had bought herself that we had to patch up in the butt- as they had ripped through...and no reply back from the company, after she emailed them.She wasn't impressed.

It does pay most times, to take the time to email or phone to comment- good or bad.

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  1. I often think I want to call or email for a good or bad report on a product or service I have done it from time to time but not enough - I must admit I am a procrastinator .... pat


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