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Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're having another nice day here today-the sun is shining and the temperatures are nicer than alot of the days we had earlier in the year- however the sandflies have been terrible. It has been like that for weeks, and not sure why they are so bad- I don't remember them being this bad.The only place that seems to be free of them is down by the lake, on the boardwalk.They certainly are wreaking havoc on what little summer we are having left in the year.
We have dug up all the potatoes that we did plant this year and they have all been eaten.I definately want to plant more next year as we are big potato eaters here, and I was hoping to have shared with the family this year, and it didn't work that way.
Seems like everyone in town that is growing sunflowers as well, has had theirs bloom. I'm still waiting- although you can see they have grown taller since my first post on them.Hope to see a flower though before the weather turns cooler.
I would love to hear about your gardens and what you planted this year.

The other photo I have here is of our main garage/shed. It is full of clutter but most of the stuff in there is the girls. Erika has alot of the stuff on the back wall- containers as well ,full of household items she has been collecting for when she moves out. She keeps most of the her things in Rubbermaid type containers she bought herself- this helps keep everything protected from the weather elements than putting it in cardboard box.
Since Ria lives in an apartment with little storage, she has brought over her  furniture as well that she is trying to sell, but in the meantime remains here. I hate clutter, which is what this looks like, but for now, and until Erika moves away and Ria sells her excess, it's made it's home here.

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