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Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Mom-can you come here?" Erika said this morning."my tv's not working".
I always cringe when I hear somethings not working.It means we may have to spend money on a new "something" or to pay for repairs. We are however, very lucky that Gerry is so handy.More often than not, most things are repaired with no or little cost.
I think Erika's first thought was we'd be getting a new one.This tv that was in her room was won by her in a contest by Christie cookies, 10 years ago. She had won a tv combo for herself as well as one for her school. She also recieved cookies for every child in school and a few cases for ourselves.She figured this tv was on it's last leg.
I immediately got out the tv's product guide and looked up trouble shooting, and we went online for some suggestions from others who had had similiar problems with their tv's.One suggestion was to re-set the reciever , but before we had a chance to do  that, Gerry was switching recievers with the other tv. It worked! Erika's tv worked perfect again. I thought for sure that her reciever would now effect the other tv as it did hers, but ours works just as well as before.

Living on one income, we're not so quick at running out and "buying". Erika said alot of people have flat screened tvs but also realizes that most times, we're not like alot of other people, and that we can settle with being "out of style".

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