Canada- Save Money, With ING Direct

Sunday, September 6, 2009

 ( We use ING Direct for seperate savings accounts such as: a Christmas fund, Emergency fund, and personal savings fund.)

ING DIRECT has some helpful savings tips to get you on your way to savings.

Put part of your salary into a separate savings account... $50 a week = $2,600 in just 12 months

Create a weekly budget and stick to it

Turn off appliances at power points to reduce your electricity bill

Pack your lunch rather than buying it each day

Avoid carrying your credit card in your wallet - this prevents impulse buying!
To learn on how to bank with ING Direct click here:
If I can refer you, please send me an email. We can both earn a $25 bonus on a $100 starter account.
It's your money-check it out to see what they can offer you.
All accounts are easily accessed online and moving money is easy.

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  1. As a student going through a coop program I would go through periods of making a bunch of money and then spending most of it on books and tuition at the start of the term.

    I found that putting my money in a high interest savings account helped to keep me from spending it and of course gave me a little bit extra money from the interest.


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