On the Road Again

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gerry is on his way back home from his visit home for the weekend, but we will both be returning next month for his parent's 60th wedding anniversary. He didn't end up picking up the fence posts he thought about getting, and didn't go into the city at all-not even for any window shopping. Unfortunately, the gas for the truck was around $90, but we did get $30 of that back due to the secret shops he did at the gas station, and he did stay with his parents, so no out of pocket money there.A little food on the road was only about $20 return and we have a special account for travelling so nothing was charged.
Erika will be off with her friends later this month for a Keith Urban concert in Saskatoon, but with 4 friends going, all are splitting the gas and the hotel,( which by the way is only $80 a night due to my old travel agent rate I still get.)

The  following steps will save on gas and put more money in your pocket:
-Trade-in your gas guzzler for a fuel efficient model.
-Drive less.Consolidate trips by planning ahead.
-Drive smarter:Accelerating uses the most amount of fuel so stretch out your acceleration distance by being  patient.
-Find cheaper gas- shop around.
-Go with a gas station that offers you a bonus for buying gas with them: reward cards, free car wash with a fill, etc..
-Get your oil changed on a regular basis.Giving your car regular oil changes ensures that your car is running  efficiently.
-Replace old and dirty clogged air filters.
-Avoid idling in your car.
-Unload any unnecessary items that add weight.

Please feel free to add your own money saving, gas savers in our comment section.

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