Timeshares? Good or Bad?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not too sure how many of you own a timeshare- we do- and it's not something at times we are too proud of. We used to go for many of those free presentations- you know, the 2 nights free and the gift certificate for some $100 supper somewhere or the his and hers spa treatments as bonuses. If we got all that for $99 we were happy and felt like we were living the good life. After all, some of these places are beautiful that we have stayed in- lovely condos, nice decor. Beats staying in a hotel. However, a few years back we weren't pressured by one sales company, and it all sounded so good, that we went for it.Now we wish we wouldn't have gotten it.It will be paid for in about 3-4 years but there are heavy maintenance fees, member fees, take out the trash fees-you get the picture. There are so many rules too, and that this past summer we couldn't even use it, because everything, everywhere was booked for summer. We were hoping to sell it back but can't do that at this point either,they aren't buying back, so we will wait till someday I suppose that they will buy it back- we can only hope.
Does anyone else have a timeshare? How do you feel about yours?

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