Today's Abundance

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My older daughter, Ria managed a petting zoo this year, which has a concession. Since it was year end, they sold out  alot of the bars, drinks and penny candy. The chips were returned for credits, but there was alot of freezer food left and ice cream. For $10 I got a share of boxes of ice creams, freezies,bread, and hot dog buns. I gave some to my sister and my mom. My brother bought some things and so did Ria- so we all came away happy, and now I have a full upper fridge/freezer of goodies...more walking for me!
Erika brought me a bag of magazines tonight. She works at a convenience store and they have to rip off the covers and garbage the expired ones, but it suits me fine to read them without a cover.

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