My Own Grocery Game

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not too sure how many of you use coupons, but I hope most do and take full advantage of flyer sales and adding an extra coupon to the sale price as well. Buy that same item from a clearance bin and use a coupon, and the savings keep growing.Stacking coupons is another great way to save.Using the flyer coupon and  manufacturer's coupons can grow your savings at the grocery store, as can going to double coupon days.Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons are also great savers.
I love going through the flyers and playing the "grocery game" where I match up my coupons to "cheap" items that are on sale... sometimes getting them for cheap, next to nothing or free.Example: Walmart has Gilette deodorant on for $2 each. I have a Buy 3 Gillette products coupon and save $5. So this means I buy 3 of the deodorants and only will have to pay $1. Wow- what a deal.
Let family and friends know you are saving coupons and to save you any they don't want, and save them all- as you never know when that one coupon may earn you a free product.
In Canada here, I frequent the following great sites that give me heads up to great flyer deals and coupons to use with them:

Please feel free to add your great coupon saving sites that work for you.

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