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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am happy to announce Stretching the One Income Dollar's first giveaway.
My friend Anthony Vatuna  of Spiritual Readings By Anthony ,has offered to give a 2 question psychic reading to one lucky winner.
( Please pass this contest listing on to any contest groups you may be on-thank you.)
Please post a money saving tip in the comment section for your entry to be valid.
Anthony has done many readings for me and my family as well as has many great testimonials from many others. He is the real thing.You can view his site at:
A random draw will be made by the random # generator, on Sept. 11, 2009.
The winner will be contacted by me, and will have 48 hours to reply to the email before another winner will be chosen.This drawing is open to Canada/USA.Winner will be posted on the site.


  1. my money saving tip is to shop at the church rummage sales it is often cheaper that yard sales.con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Would love to win this - thank you for posting Monique :)

  3. My money saving idea is this..when my children were small & growing so quickly, clothing them was a nightmare. I discovered the smaller tshirts could be worn as undershirts (before it became cool!) and/or pj tops. Now washing in cold saves alot of money:)

  4. my money saving tip is to have a three day waiting period for big ticket items. It gives you time to think about things before you hand over the plastic.

  5. For bigger purchases, often used will do just fine. Be sure to always check out ebay, kijiji, and craig's list for starters to find listing for availability. I have found and saved money on several items such as gym equipment, sewing machines, and a lawn mower.

  6. Well, one money-saving tips for Canadians that I recently discovered is a site called Wishabi where you can specify certain items that you are looking at buying and it shows you any deals floating around at the time. If anyone would like to sign up, please contact me and I can send a referral link (calgary gal AT g mail DOT com). Thanks for the great contest!

  7. Use coupons whenever you can. It may seem like pennies, but it does add up in the long run and saves you quite a bit. Check online for coupons. is a good place to go. Also - many places do not take home printed coupons anymore, but I found most companies are willing to mail you a coupon if you just ask.

  8. I visit the high end consignement stores here in Toronto you too can own Channel or Dior at a fraction of its original price I think consignment is back in fashion due to the recession!

  9. Coupons, coupons, coupons! lol! When things are on sale or a bogo, between the coupons and the sale I get a lot of groceries free or for very little, takes a little pick of time to look through your coupons and the sales before you go shopping, but so well worth it!

  10. Before you buy non-essentials remember that those who live with all the fancy items usually are cash poor, and the really rich, are the ones who know it is truly who you are, not what you have that makes you rich. So invest in yourself first, including money. You will soon have a nice savings account, less stress and feeling good about life.

  11. For clothing, write up a list of what you need and obsessively search sales.

    thefatesarevicious at yahoo dot com

  12. My money saving tip is to use allthe food I have at home creatively before going to shop for more. I find we eat more of what we have in the house and have a variety of meals.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  13. I made a post the other day and don't see it anywhere. Drats. This is a great idea for a give-a-way, so I'll try again.
    Some hints I use to save money -
    I always use coupons where ever possible.
    We have a London Drugs store in our area and I can stack coupons to use on the purchase of one product as long as the bar codes are different. This can be a big money saver.
    I price match. On the weekend Zeller's had some great sales on Royale Toilet Paper and Purex Laundry Detergent. I asked Superstore if they would match the price and they said yes. Superstore was having no tax days, so I saved the taxes by purchasing the products at Superstore.
    Whenever there is a sale I try and stock up, so we don't run out and have to pay full price.
    I enjoy cooking, so I always double or triple a batch of cookies when making them and store the extras in the freezer. I do the same for soups and stews, if you are going to be making it anyway, you might as well make a big batch and put the rest in the freezer so you have something on hand when you are in a hurry and no time to cook a meal.
    I often e-mail companies giving them positive feedback on their products and asking if they have a mailing list where they send out coupons, would they please put me on it. I did one at the beginning of the week for scJohnson's Shout and they are sending me a coupon for a free full size product. Also if I am not happy with a product, I e-mail the company telling them I am disappointed. I make sure I include the product number and expiry date and ask if they have had other complaints. Invariably this will get me a coupon for a replacement. However, I don't do this unless I feel I have a legitimate complaint.
    I like to do a lot of crafts and always have people asking me what I am making, so a few years ago, I started selling my crafts around Christmas time which brings in extra money. I also make things to give as gifts which cuts down costs.
    We lower the temperature in our house at night and keep it around 68 degrees during the day, which saves on electricity costs. I use a clothes line to dry my clothes whenever the weather is nice. I also have a wooden rack inside that I hang things when I can't hang clothes outside.


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