Saturday's Spendings/Savings

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The day went by quite quickly today, again.I remember going to school back in the day and those days dragged on- now the older I get, the faster time speeds along.
I wanted to share some money savers we had today as well as money spending.
Gerry left to see his parents today- a 5 hour drive south. He took his truck, so that meant more money  for gas .We normally don't take the truck out of town as it is a gas guzzler, but he was thinking of possibly picking up some fence posts -and those won't fit in the car.
 I was able to get him to do 2 mystery gas shops for me though on the way to his hometown- so he recieved $30 total in free gas and $6 in snacks.As well, we will get $20 cash for the shops done. He also made a stop for me, on the way to his hometown, and dropped off a Tony Little Gazelle I was selling on and got $20 for that.
On the homefront, I took Erika out shopping with me and my grocery bill was a bit more higher than it normally is. We didn't buy all sales, and I let her have a few things she normally doesn't buy but likes.It's not too often that she gets to come shopping or wants to. I always feel it's better that I go alone.It's cheaper that way.But I was impressed as she looked over the clearance carts and commented on the regular grocery shelves about the high cost of some grocery items.( This comes from a girl that normally doesn't look at prices).
Gerry noticed the other day that she had a slow leak on her car's tire .Took it off and there was a nail in it, so that will have to be fixed after the Labour Day.Usually costs $15 to have patched.
On another money making side to this day, my sister had bought a pair of shoes for a wedding, that ended up being too tight, she didn't wear, and can't be bothered to take them back to the store.  I told her I would, and I get to keep the $$ for the return.

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