Spending Less-Saving More

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Since we have the "furnace guys" over installing the new high effeciency furnace today, I have tried staying out of the way.Gerry has been talking with them and assisting where he can.While I was out of the house this morning, I went for my morning walk,picked up some bread and went "window shopping". I tried on a really cute Fall jacket, but just couldn't bare to buy it- it wasn't on sale, and not necessary.
Here are some easy ways to make more by spending less:
-Think twice about everything you spend money on
-Go over your bills- and cut back where you can
-Get your hair done less often: if you normally get it done every 5 weeks, see if you can go longer- maybe every 6 weeks?
-Cut back on food costs by growing your own food, using coupons, signing up for free samples by mail, make more from scratch,accept more offers to drop over to friends for supper,use the food bank if you need to and qualify
-Clean out your fridge!  Clean out the cupboards! Everyone can save money by using up as much as they can that's in your fridge and your cupboards.Have a leftover night.
-Share transportation-consider car pooling.
-Check rates with other service providers
-Make your own household cleaners
-Tint windows that recieve direct sunlight

Now please feel free to add your own spending less, saving more tips.

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