Gone But Not Forgotten

Friday, September 11, 2009

The two large goldfish I had for a few years are gone now- I have donated them to the daycare that Ria works at. I have gotten to the point in my life where I need to downsize on the pets. We have a dog and 4 guinea pigs as well. Except for the dog, all the pets were ones the kids got and that mom somehow got stuck looking after- feeding and cleaning. The fish food went with the fish,( who have their own huge tank at the daycare- and other fishy friends). Ria is taking the tank and the accessories for her new garter snakes. ( She'll also be taking the coffee table that the tank sat on and re-finishing it as her own). As my pet population dwindles over here, hers grows at her place. She has 3 ferretts, 3 guinea pigs and about 5 small garter snakes, which someone else didn't want.
I look at the fish being gone with a few plus points:
-no more buying fish flakes
-no more cleaning the fish tank
-no more power to run the pump

Ria is my 24 year old daughter.

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