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Monday, September 21, 2009

Not too exciting a day today with the mail and calls.
Recieved a very small face cream that was delivered to my door special delivery.It would seem a waste of money for them to place in an oversized box and have it shipped this way.Perhaps it's cheaper?I don't know- but it was free for me!
Two out of 4 of my calls to product companies were successful today- both Q-Tips and Ruffles chips are sending out coupons for future purchases.


  1. what do you mean by you calling them and they send you stuff? It's that easy? You just call them and they send out the coupons and free samples? Sorry for the way I worded it I'm past tired right now

  2. You call and say you tried their product and comment on the good the bad or the ugly.
    They will usually offer a free coupon or cents off coupons for the negative comments- sometimes the positive ones get them too though.
    Be honest though.
    After they have finished talking with you and haven't offered you recipes, coupons or to be on their mailing list, ask THEM.
    Ask for recipes, or coupons.


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