Gadgets and Gizmos and What's It's -Oh My!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I was looking at one of the local hardware store flyers this morning and thinking- wow-look at all the fancy gadgets they have for this that and the other thing. Is it really all that necessary? It depends I suppose how simple of a person you may find yourself.
Like do I really need a cordless sweeper, or a robot vacumm that zips around my floor picking up dirt-can my broom not do just as good a job?
What about a toaster oven-not for me- my stove will work just fine.Don't need anymore clutter on the counter tops.
Oh I see a cordless jug kettle for $59.99, on half price, but my  simple stove top kettle will work just as good, and a digital blender with a 60 second countdown timer for $30 off the $69.99.
Is it all really necessary? I guess we save money by not falling prey to these ads. I do suppose some of us want the latest gadgets, gizmos and what's it's, but I'll stick to my basic broom, my good ole stove, my simple $10 blender, and my stove top kettle.

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