Living in the Country- So To Speak

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Living in the country- or living away from the city, ( by over 5 hours for us), has it's disadvantages.
Erika,(youngest daughter) is away in Saskatoon, with a few friends- they went for the Keith Urban concert that's tonight. There was 4 of them that went down, so that split the gas 4 ways and the hotel room,( which I also get at a deal on at my old travel agent rate ).
She told me they ordered a pizza last night and had it delivered to the room. She said :"Mom, I didn't tip the pizza guy".I said: "Wow Erika, your being frugal". She said she didn't mean to though. She said here is this pizza guy standing and looking at her after she gave him the right amount- of $21, and it didn't dawn on her till he left- "that's why he was standing there puzzled and waiting"-she figured he was waiting for a tip.I thought that was cute though.
If we want to go to any concerts, specialist appointments,search for better rates on bigger ticket items, etc., it usually means a trip to the city.
We had already made a trip there a few months ago, as Erika is getting her grad dress from there. She had measurements taken, but the dress she wanted wasn't there at the time, to try on. Now she says the exact dress she wants will be there for a "trunk show" at the end of October. I told her I would let her know if we could afford to go. We probably will, but any trip to the city means gas spent,hotel and meals.
We do have a "travel fund" but after summer holidays and a few trips out of town, it is running low.
We also have an anniversary supper to attend for Gerry's parent's 60th, at the beginning of October, which is another trip south.

Oh -to have unlimited funds to travel.

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