Saving on: Department Store Clothing

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not always can one find what they are looking for at the local thrift shop-nor do we always like the styles.You can save money shopping at your local department or Walmart type stores by:

looking for great deals when shopping for clothes. Never pay full price. Check out clearance rack, wait for at the end of the season sales, talk to a store clerk of one of the stores and ask when any of big sales are coming up. Sign up on the store’s website and keep updated on sales.


  1. I love clearance racks, but I hate shopping. I always browse websites first, like Old Navy's or JC Penney's, that way I know exactly what I'm going in for ahead of time. I just don't have the patience to search through racks and racks of stuff!

    thanks for the post-
    Little House

  2. Yeah- I'm not a big shopper either...I don't have much patience but if I am killing some time, I will take a gander.


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