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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I headed to The Pas today, ( 1 hour south)- Gerry and I.Had a few opportunities for mystery shops with gas expenses and bonuses paid, so worth my time and the trip. Was a nice way to spend part of my Saturday.
Last night Gerry, Erika and I went to the drive in. This was the second last movie playing for the year, and the only time we went this year.The drive in costs $7 per adult- so not too bad, and we treated ourselves with concession snacks.A nice evening out.
During the day yesterday, I played a radio phone in contest, by guessing a 1980's song, and won a $10 gift certificate to a local restaurant- so that was nice.Had stopped in today in The Pas, for a furniture  store grand opening.We like to look and I knew there would be door prizes- and there was, but we never got a call, so guess we didn't win anything.
Yesterday's mail brought the cable bill. Wasn't too happy about another increase on my bill. They have added another $1.20 per month "contribution fee". They say they have been ordered by the CRTC to contribute to a local programming improvement fund.It's always something. Although the amount is minimal, it's the principle of the nickel and diming that we as consumers have to constantly deal with.

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