Crafters-Mom's Tips for Your Flannelette Scraps

Monday, September 21, 2009

My mom wanted to share some uses for leftover flannelette scraps-( thanks mom)....

Scraps of flannelette are
great for cleaning eye glasses, they make good "cushions" for chair legs,
that would otherwise leave marks on the floor, good for kids to practise
sewing on, make "samples" of different sewing techniques before you sew,
good for hamster or other rodent bedding throw aways, good for wiping paint
when doing ceramics and stenciling, plus long narrow pieces make good cat
toys that they like to play with,  also for polishing shoes and baby wipes.

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  1. Want to remodel your living room, but can't afford to right now, there are other ways of making it look cozy. You can buy several cushions and arrange them on your couch. Enlarge and frame your own good photos and hang them on the wall, and of course rearranging furniture always seems to help, and gives the room a "different" look. Mom


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