Mom-What Can I Do To Make Some Money?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Most children at some point will want to make some money of their own.Especially the ones who have parents that don't just dole out money.It's a good way for us as parents as well to show them that we too have to work and earn  the money we have. It teaches them the value of the dollar.
Here are some ideas that you may suggest when Jacob or Mary ask you how they can earn some money.
( and may I suggest that they put the word out with posters and flyers within their own neighbourhood.Don't be sending them anywhere strange, all for the sake of a dollar, unless an older person is with them).
- Pet sit: this can also include walking dogs and looking after any type of pets they are comfortable with while the owner is off at work or out of town.
-Recycle.Cash in cans, bottles,tin- whatever your town/city may offer $$ for on recycled items.
-Give them extra chores. If their wanting to make an extra bit of cash, and can't find anything around the neighbourhood, perhaps you can give them a job around the yard or house.
-Don't forget the good old lemonade/juice stand. This can be anything though- drinks, cookies, popcorn- anything the kids want to sell.
-Babysitting- always a bonus if they have their babysitting course.
-Yard sale- Let them set up a small table to sell their toys perhaps at street/sidewalk edge.

Please feel free to add any more ideas I may have missed.

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