To Garage Sale or Not- That is the Question

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My sister wanted me to garage sale with her this weekend. I'm not much of a garage saler.I like having my own yearly garage sale but not much for driving around to the weekend's list of garage/yard sales.
There isn't really much I need or am looking for on any given occassion.I de-clutter more than I clutter.
I rarely bring anything home if I garage sale-and it's always been on her gas when we do go...which I believe was no more than 3 times this year.
I did have one great find this summer at a community garage/yard sale. I picked up an exercise bike for $20- must have been worth at least $200 and in great shape.
Seems like most sales I do go have very used items-things I feel should have went to the trash or should be in a free pile rather than with a price tag on them.
Perhaps garage sale picks are better in your neck of the woods.I'd much rather go to a thrift store where I know there will be more variety all in one place.


  1. Labor Day weekend was our big neighborhood garage sale. My husband went down to the houses that were participating, and their items were grossly overpriced! One small wood table had a sticker price of $150. Not a deal at all. He got discouraged and left, not really wanting to purchase anything at all. So, in my neck of the woods, decent items are overpriced, or the items are so worn, it's not worth purchasing.

    -Little House

  2. Yes, that happens here too- we know ourselves that when we have a garage sale we had better keep the more expensive things for the bulletin board or radio ads, as people shopping at garage sales have a set price in their head- and usually it's not too much they want to pay.


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