Bathroom Savings

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We have been slowly remodelling parts of the trailer. Our bedroom has been completed, and this summer Gerry did all his own work and completed the laundry room and hallway.( We are lucky every year to get a profit sharing bonus from the company he works for, and divide it up for various things- and renovations is one of them. Although we also were able to save a few hundred over the year in loonies and toonies, to add to that.) The bathroom is the next room we will work on, but it will be a bigger expense that what we spent on the hall and the bedroom, so may be only done in pieces. The tub surround that we would like will cost alot as it is. I am still entering contests for cash and home reno stores, hoping to win something to move things along.
We are very lucky that we are not metered for water here, so we have that savings advantage in the bathroom.For those that do have to pay for their water, here are some great ideas to think about:
-if you have a leaky faucet, fix it. A leaky hot water tap will have you throwing away money on water and on the electricty that it takes to heat the water.
-take a shower instead of a bath- you'll be using less water on a shower than you will to fill the tub, and if you use less water, you'll use less electricity to heat that water.Take a shorter shower as well.
-install low flow shower heads and toliets.
-when you brush your teeth, turn off the tap, otherwise your wasting all that water that you just let run, while your brushing
-insulate your hot water lines so that it takes hot water less time to reach you in your shower

If you have any other great ideas for saving water in the bathroom, please do leave a comment.

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